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We at Sock clinic at excited to introduce our new range of Bamboo Fibre Sock!

You read correctly, BAMBOO!

Bamboo Fibre completes a fantastic 79% of the splendid Sock. The difference? You’d better put your feet up.

The far superior comfort really treats your feet for the care and attention they deserve. Say goodbye to discomfort, rubbing and unease. 

Bamboo Fibre Technology is a beautifully breathable material and guess what your feet love the most, to breath! Give your toes just what they need!

Smelly feet! A great topic so let’s make a start! 
It’s personal, we know! Allow the brilliant Bamboo Fibre to work its magic and reduce your foot odour. 

The facts and numbers have been calculated and the Japanese Textile Industry have indicated that the Bamboo Fibres eliminate over 70% of odour. Proven!

It’s certainly worth a try!

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Colour: Blue 

79% Bamboo Fibre 

19% Polyamid

2%  Elastan