Sock Clinic needs you!

We are a growing independant UK based sock company attempting to tackle the giants within the industry. Sock Clinic realise that the way to overtake the global brands is to offer quality at a quality and unbeatable price.

Work with us!

Do you have a social media following? How about becoming one of our growing worldwide ambassadors. You will join a team spanning from the United Kingdom, into parts of the United States of Americas and Brazil. Plus countries in between! 

What are the perks for you?

In becoming a team member of Sock Clinic you will earn a lifetime 10% OFF every order you place. You will choose and own your own personal discount code that you can share with family, friends and followers and guess what? This is not all!

You earn as your code is used! We offer a fantastic commission as well as free items for the Sock Clinic of your choice!

Get in touch via or Instagram; @SockClinic

Simply express your intention and a member of Sock Clinic will inform you of the next steps.

We look forward to working with you!