Hi From All of us at Sock Clinic

A B I G Hello from Sock Clinic !

Let us start by thanking you thus far for your loyalty and deciding to choose us over our competitors.

We know just how easy it is as a consumer to lean towards that “well known brand”.

We really do understand the temptation to go with the brand you know; someone you have heard about the majority of the time. Again, We thank you for your trust & most of all we thank you for your time

 We know all of those attributes are earned in both business and life and that is why one of our goals moving forward was for you to get to know; Sock Clinic! But equally for Sock Clinic to get to know YOU, our customers!

We realise that you are indeed the real heart of our entire operation.

We absolutely love your feedback in all aspects of the Sock Clinic process. May that be email response times, Instagram and Facebook replies and of course our delivery performance. 

We have listened. Sock Clinic has recently re introduced FREE WORLDWIDE DELIVERY  !

We are open to sharing our thought process in business. Shipping to all area of the world is a very costly business overhead, even more so for a small to medium sized company. In the early stages of Sock Clinic it simply was not a business cost the company could continually sustain.

Therefore, we had to offset this cost to you, our consumer. This was definitely not an easy decision however, for the longevity of Sock Clinic, it was a decision that sadly had to be made. Through the continued growth of Sock Clinic we were able to achieve one of our many missions; to re introduce FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! & that we have done.

Via your loyalty and trust in our vision, we are now in a financially positive position to deliver across the planet, completely FREE OF CHARGE.

We really were being honest when previously mentioned getting to know Sock Clinic; & guess what, here is a heads up !

Our next objective is to gradually reduce prices making our socks even more affordable. Giving you even more reasons to select us over the house hold brand. 

Sock Up & get yourself  ready. Welcome to getting to know Sock Clinic. It has been our pleasure this far and long may the journey in Sock Clinic continue.

Yours Truly 

Sock Clinic